Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's Grand Creative Central

I love getting up early on Saturday's and Sundays. This has become a new creative habit for me. I know what you're thinking... Why don't I just sleep in? That's a good idea but I've noticed my best ideas happen on the weekend. Odd right? 

It's downtime for some and grand creative central for me!

I've come to realize over the past 3 years that my week ends at five o'clock on Friday. Saturday morning is this new refreshing fixation that seems to just happen. It's like my brain just automatically knows. Since I'm not forcing this-I'm definitely going to use it to my best advantage. As my Mum used to say, resourcefulness is my middle name! 

Saturday's feel new. I feel refreshed from the past week even if it did not seem production or things did not progress as planned. All that doesn't matter on Saturdays. This beginning day of my week is quiet with kids sleeping in, no rush to the bus stop or a heavy scheduled day. The coffee is fresher and my mind feels uncluttered. I am totally at ease. 

To me that is a good kind of energy- the kind that makes things happen and motivates me in the right positive way. I think of it as inventory cultivating in a more imaginative way but with no pressure. 

My weekend habits:

I write or record my thoughts- 
This newness often means my brain is on full speed so if my fingers don't always keep up, my voice memo will. Either way, the ideas push their way out! 

I doodle-  
I quickly sketch thumbnails of things I want to illustrate in the future. I never let a good idea get away even if I thought of it at 3:00 am. 

I read- 
I finally get to pore over all those great articles I've set aside all week. This truly makes my geeky Corpus Callosum happy so to speak! 

I eject- 
All this creative thought becomes one big idea spill that gives me plenty to work with for the coming week. It's all jotted down so if I don't make time for it now, I can get to it next week. 

I connect with myself- 
All this 'me time' is a purposeful act in its purist form. Being alone in your creativity can be one of the most mindful unselfish thing you can do for yourself. It's devotion to your calling and to your illustration future! 


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Illustration Tip- Create A Series Of Covers For Future Posts

What better way to step up your online promotion efforts then creating a series of cover illustrations for Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Twitter in advance. Once you have selected pieces you want to resize-put them in a cover file on your computer or backup drive. You can then use them whenever you want to show off a new visual! 

For a complete spec guide, look here at this handy dandy cheat sheet set up by Dan Wilkerson: The Complete Media Sizing Cheat Sheet.  Thanks Dan! 

See you all online!