Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Common Sense Of Busy!

"Are you busy?"

Seems like a common enough question. We ask it everyday.

My simple answer is- Yes! I'm ALWAYS busy. To us freelancers, we always have something going on, something to do or something to make. That's how we roll in the freelance world! If we didn't we wouldn't be freelancers for very long. Without the hustle, bills go unpaid and other undesirable things would happen.

When Is It Too Busy?
It's too busy when you are standing there wondering where to start!

We've all been there, working on a big project and having to put off other things. There are only so many hours in a day but you know it all has to get done eventually. So you finish that project and that list that you have been putting off is still there waiting. Where to begin?

1. What is the most important thing to do right now?
2. Pick something that you are in the mood to do.
3. Divide tasks that are urgent, important, and not urgent.
4. Designate different days for different tasks such as 1 day dedicated to updating sites and another to focus on promotion.
5. Work on the tough things on your list when its quiet. Avoid distractions.
6. Utilize an app on your computer, iPad or phone designed to remind you to get stuff done!

Time Wastage
Evaluating your time isn't something we really focus on. We don't make time for it! If certain tasks are not benefitting you in the grand scheme of your business day then why do them?

In short, will it make you money? Will it help you find clients?

Yes, the M word. It's not really discussed much in illustration. We live to create and we live to make art. However, to live we must have an income.

Big reminders:
1. How many hours do you spend online?
2. How many times a day do you check email?
3. Are certain tasks time consuming? Is there a better way to learn how to do them faster?
4. Do you schedule your day or is it random?
5. What do you do everyday that will lead to more income?
6. Can you eliminate things from your day that are not important?
7. Are there too many demands of your time from others that is interfering with your work?

We all think we have time...eventually. We wish we had more time or better yet, we wish we had a time machine even!

I think if we treated time on a more precious level we would see how important NOW is. We would also get more done. What is happening right now is really the most important thing. Doing something now leads to getting something done later and so and so on. If you are scheduled to work, take a break, spend time with loved ones or get some much need sleep then that is the most important thing to do-right then, right now. All the other unimportant stuff will just have to wait!