Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Happy Dose Of Colour Inspiration!

I'm totally ready for Spring, aren't you? I enjoy grouping things together in my house that are visually pleasing and inspire new colour focus in my work. 

I believe as illustrators we naturally collect things for inspiration and for future use. So since I cannot keep every snippet of paper and magazine on my desk I often create a picture collage. These are a nice dose of colour happy and can help create an illustration palette for ongoing projects. 

There is a great app for this- Photo Mess. Normally I would set up a file in photoshop and slap images together. Photo Mess lets you group images on a cork board or a background of your choice. You can leave the background or crop it out after you are done. Also, you can add borders by changing the thickness and colour. This app does have frames you can work with to create a grid. You can either use existing photos on your smartphone or take pictures as you go. So if you are looking to create images for inspiration give these tips a go. 

Have the best weekend and happy creating! 

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