Saturday, March 2, 2013

Coffee & Links March 2nd!

Are you like me when it comes to links-you save them aside for later reading? I like to pore over all the articles I collected on the weekend when it's quieter. So grab a cup of coffee and have a look at what I set aside. It's a mix of tips, warnings, inspiration and motivation.  

10 Things Art Teachers Wont Teach You

Make Your Writing Pop! 

Work For Yourself Without Financial Worries 

Video- Without The Doing The Dreaming Is Useless. 

Be Of Service

Where Are All The Women Creative Directors?

Author Beware- New Lit Mags

Best Advice I Ever Got- 70+ Lessons That Influenced Top Minds In Business

TED Primer- 5 Things To Know As The Conference Begins

Transcontinental Media Squeezing Freelancers -Why This Matters To Us All

• How to Tap Friends, Colleagues and Clients for Leads and Referrals 

Why No one Likes Your Art

How To Be A Happy Freelancer

Let's Start A New Illustration Industry

Super Charge Your Content Marketing By Linking

Best Business Advice For Writers February 2013 

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