Sunday, April 21, 2013

Coffee and Links April 21st

Coffee doodles
© Holly DeWolf- Coffee Doodles 

Due to some extreme busyness, I missed posting links last week. So here are 9 articles that got my attention the past two weeks plus 1 from me.  Enjoy!  

• Artist Makes Notes About The Wastage Of Time, In Candid Letterpress Series from Design Taxi. 

• A Non-Negotiator's Guide to Negotiating from 99u.

Relaxing background sounds from 

• How to say “no” without losing a client from Leaders West

Avoid the custom bully by Seth Godin  

• 13 Desktop Wallpapers To Kickstart Your Creativity from 99u.

• Creativity Tips From 5 Very Funny People from Inc. 

• Tools for organizing your dummy from Simply Messing About 

10 thoughts for illustrators 

Creative new ways to land your dream job from Fast Company

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