Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Coffee & Links- April 30th!

Coffee Doodles!
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• How To write a sales e-mail from Inc. 

• Getting picked (need to vs. want to)-Seth Godin 

Video- Patti Smith's advice to young creative people from Laughing Squid. 

Hey Doodlers! Doodle for Blik! from Doodlers Anonymous. 

• How to do vector art brilliantly with the queen Helen Dardik-Q&A mini art lesson with Lilla Rogers! 

• How to Use Your Alone Time More Productively (and Actually Enjoy It) from Lifehacker. 

Virtual networking: bring the conference to you! from Freelancers Union. 

One Thing I knowHard-earned insights from Creative Leaders.

I completely disconnected for 10 days. Here's what happened from Lifehacker.

Positive Pins from the San José State University Pinterest account!

10 reasons why an editor might reject your pitch from Recipe For Press. 

Annoying things people say to freelance writers (this can apply to illustrators too) from The Freelance Strategist. 

Customers want emotional connections from Adweek. 

Podcast- Ep 72 Scrappy Do from The Human Business Way.

• Modcloth's Key Strategy: Be a Friend to Customers First from Inc.

10 questions with an art director from Chase Jarvis. 

May Desktop calendars from Smashing Magazine. 

• 19th-Century-Style Mailing Promotes New Picture Book from Publishers Weekly. 

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