Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why I Like The Colour Orange

Funny story about my relationship with the colour orange...

KD © Holly DeWolf
I'm sure we all have our personal reasons why we are attracted to the colours we like. Mine goes back to my childhood and a interesting picnic involving Kraft Dinner. 

Personally, I can't stand the stuff and when I was a kid I detested it even more. When you are young and attending picnics put on by your family, not everyone attending understands your delicate palate. 

So as the story goes... 

Picture a group of kids all eating at picnic table. It's on a hilly slope. It's summer in Montreal. Bugs are buzzing around us. I'm with my sister Tracy and my cousins. We are served Kraft dinner for lunch. Imagine me, a little girl playing with this orange noodle concoction. I'm then told to eat this because my Aunt made it. It would be rude not to I'm told. My stubborn self refuses and the imagination starts. 

How do I get rid of this awful mutant powdered cheese lunch?

I couldn't call the dogs. That would be obvious. I had no pockets to hide it. My sister didn't want it nor did my cousins. Darn.

Well, I was at a big table. The natural answer for a child would be to drop it on the ground and forget about it.

Problem-I didn't know much about physics and gravity back then. 

My parents, Aunts and Uncles were chatting below this hilly slope. Something caught their attention. It was an odd shaped ball of something orange rolling down a hill. Almost alien like. Yes, my Kraft dinner outed me and escaped out from the picnic table. Busted! 

According to my mother, it was comical and fascinating to see a ball of kd rolling down a beautiful sea of green lawn. She said no one spoke. They just watched it roll. I could have gotten into know the '70's old school way of doing things. But instead, they laughed it off and it became a vivid childhood memory that I remember still like it happened yesterday. 

How could I not love orange after that?

What colours do you gravitate toward and why? Share them in the comment section. 

And on a side note, I do plan on illustrating this somehow or making a story out of it. Should be fun. ~Holly 

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