Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Coffee And Links July 16th: Time Well Wasted!

© Holly DeWolf- Coffee Mug Doodles

It's hot, like Krakatoa kind of hot! My coffee mug doodle was definitely inspired by the stifling weather we have been having. Actually my mug doodle was a toss up between a hot steamy theme and silly SharkNado spoof. I may still do that one. Stay tuned! 

Question- Do you find it hard to work/concentrate when it's really hot out? Do you take frequent breaks? Go to the beach? Nap frequently or do you love the heat waves? 

Let's get this post rolling! Since we are pleasantly distracted having coffee, how about some humour? Comedians getting coffee is fitting I think! 

• To beat the chaos, take a thinking day by John Donahoe

Ask yourself this, are you creatively satisfied? from Design Taxi

Clients vs customers by Seth Godin 

How to change your mind! From Rapitude! 

• Cartoonist Lynda Barry Helps College Students Tap Innate Creativity from NPR.  

• A web business from home can put a strain on space – physical and personal from The Guardian.

• Is It Fair Use? 7 Questions to Ask Before Using Copyrighted Material by Jane Friedman. 

• Why Time Slows Down When We’re Afraid, Speeds Up as We Age, and Gets Warped on Vacation

• An artist who has prevailed against the odds!

Illustrator 101 from Alt.
• Stevyn Colgan's 5 Favourite Things! What are yours? From Creative Boom.

• Freelance truths I didn't believe from American Writer's and Artist's Inc.

• Getting You Paid, Part 1: What Goes Wrong-By Lauren Panepinto on Muddy Colors. 

• Got kids that make art/illustrations? Here is a site they can be part of-Launchpad.

Please join the Business Side of Illustration group on Facebook!

• Authors & Illustrators in schools.

And for some miscellany: For a new view, google the word "askew!"

Have a great week! Now go and make something GREAT! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Too School For Cool!

It's true, I'm too school for cool during the summer. For me, summers are for learning. While most people are vacationing and taking trips, I take time to try to update my skills. It's a very short opportunity of time so I do as much as I can before September comes.

Don't get me wrong, vacations are good to take and I do take mini ones from time to time. For me, summer is my time to work on things. The kids get to play and relax and then it's my turn to go back to creative school!  

This summer I'm learning about the basics of Adobe Illustrator, updating my illustration skills, working on doing some pod-chats, updating my website and improving my creative writing skills. If I have enough time, I'll try to get my driving learners permit. Better late than never! 

Another thing that I am doing is combining this love for learning with my kids. It never occurred to me until recently that my kids are my closest art community and my biggest fans. We started a regular theme that we illustrate and research called What We Learned Today. Everyday (unless something summer-ish comes up like the beach or a road trip) we pick a theme they want to learn about. From there we research it and illustrate it. The benefits of this combined creativity:

• They get to do learn something new.  
• It gives me a chance to illustrate something new and different. 
• It keeps the creativity machine going. 
• It's great family time. 
• The girls get to make a fun decision everyday on what to learn next! 

Illustrators never stop learning and so I'm definitely in the right career. What new things you are learning and working on this summer? 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Coffee & Links July 8- Time Well Wasted!

Coffee Mug Doodles
© Coffee Mug Doodle July 8th

It's been a really hot summer! Finally today we got some cloudy rainy relief so it's good day to post on the blogs. When it's hot, what things do you do to keep productive in all this heat? Reading great articles is a good start! The following links focus on resumes, marketing mojo, rethinking failure, storytelling and your audience. As a bonus, I've attached an mp3 illustration conversation with illustrator Brian Bowes where we chat about creativity, Seth Godin, motivation and other things. 

• Reframe how you think about failure by changing its definition from LifeHacker

• Morning Gorgeous- the designer Charlotte Hancock about this positive creative banner project.

100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design From Brain Pickings. 

The latest How Conference- This 52-page download is packed with HOW magazine articles from 11 of the most popular HOW Design Conference speakers.

30 Creative Resume Designs.

Remember to respect your audience!

*And as a BIG bonus- I've attached a illustration conversation with Brian Bowes and myself. Have a listen to some Creative Coffee!