Monday, July 8, 2013

Coffee & Links July 8- Time Well Wasted!

Coffee Mug Doodles
© Coffee Mug Doodle July 8th

It's been a really hot summer! Finally today we got some cloudy rainy relief so it's good day to post on the blogs. When it's hot, what things do you do to keep productive in all this heat? Reading great articles is a good start! The following links focus on resumes, marketing mojo, rethinking failure, storytelling and your audience. As a bonus, I've attached an mp3 illustration conversation with illustrator Brian Bowes where we chat about creativity, Seth Godin, motivation and other things. 

• Reframe how you think about failure by changing its definition from LifeHacker

• Morning Gorgeous- the designer Charlotte Hancock about this positive creative banner project.

100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design From Brain Pickings. 

The latest How Conference- This 52-page download is packed with HOW magazine articles from 11 of the most popular HOW Design Conference speakers.

30 Creative Resume Designs.

Remember to respect your audience!

*And as a BIG bonus- I've attached a illustration conversation with Brian Bowes and myself. Have a listen to some Creative Coffee!


  1. Holly, should have a contest for best coffee mugs with doodles on the side.


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