Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Too School For Cool!

It's true, I'm too school for cool during the summer. For me, summers are for learning. While most people are vacationing and taking trips, I take time to try to update my skills. It's a very short opportunity of time so I do as much as I can before September comes.

Don't get me wrong, vacations are good to take and I do take mini ones from time to time. For me, summer is my time to work on things. The kids get to play and relax and then it's my turn to go back to creative school!  

This summer I'm learning about the basics of Adobe Illustrator, updating my illustration skills, working on doing some pod-chats, updating my website and improving my creative writing skills. If I have enough time, I'll try to get my driving learners permit. Better late than never! 

Another thing that I am doing is combining this love for learning with my kids. It never occurred to me until recently that my kids are my closest art community and my biggest fans. We started a regular theme that we illustrate and research called What We Learned Today. Everyday (unless something summer-ish comes up like the beach or a road trip) we pick a theme they want to learn about. From there we research it and illustrate it. The benefits of this combined creativity:

• They get to do learn something new.  
• It gives me a chance to illustrate something new and different. 
• It keeps the creativity machine going. 
• It's great family time. 
• The girls get to make a fun decision everyday on what to learn next! 

Illustrators never stop learning and so I'm definitely in the right career. What new things you are learning and working on this summer? 

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  1. me too! last summer I took a Photography course, in Aug. I did Photoshop and this summer I am taking another PS class :) I agree,it is the perfect time to go to school and learn :}


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