Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Life Behind Your Projects

There is this thing that exists behind your projects: it's called your life. 

Life has a funny way of rejecting scheduled things in order to press that random button. We have the best intentions with our clients and our projects but things happen anyway. 

Simply put, life spins madly on despite what you have planned! 

Cautionary Time
Many illustrators such has myself work we live. It's a delicate balance of living, work, laundry, sleep, cooking and downtime. If you've got kids or pets then that changes up the dynamic in a huge way. Art school does not prepare us for this kind of thinking and life juggling. Sadly, we have to learn it by trial and error. 

Whenever I get a project, I factor in 2 to 3 more days beyond the estimated due date. This is my own safety time-call it a blue print for disaster. If you do not give yourself extra time, things could pop up such as:
• getting sick or a loved one getting sick. 
• mistakes or alterations.
• your client may need changes as you progress along. 
• you could run out of materials or hard drive space. 
• the power could go out.
• your internet go could go down. 
• you could have unexpected guests. 
• you could have car troubles, computer issues and the list could go on...  

It goes without saying that you should prepare for the worst but always hope the creative best when it comes to your projects. 

By giving yourself this time it saves you stress, frustration, sleepless nights while not having to explain yourself to a client. It's freelance peace of mind you are going for here. If all goes well, you might be able to turn in the project early before the due date and still have time to make revisions. Or you could take that time to rest for the next project. 

Rememeber: "Chance favours the prepared mind." -Louis Pasteur
Instead of under promising and over delivering try planning then committing so you can deliver your work in a timely manner. 

"What is down will go up. At the same time, you have to be prepared for what is up to go down." -William Shatner 

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