Sunday, August 4, 2013

It's My Sunday-I'll Be Lazy If I Want To!

© Holly DeWolf- Drifting

Being lazy is important. You read it right- laziness is good.

What kind of laziness am I talking about? The kind that allows you to shut off, be quiet with your ideas that takes your creative brain off the clock.

So here I am on my deck reading articles. The hummingbird keeps coming over to eat his sugar water right beside me. Three dog walkers just went by. Crickets are buzzing. The water across from the house is like glass. I hear a boat going by. There is a Deer to my left, by the step looking at me cautiously.

It's nothing but it's also something.

Perhaps doing nothing is stopping and looking around once and awhile. These observations are your little piece of get away time. You know, the stuff we are often to busy to notice. I once wrote that being quiet lets the good stuff in. My best out of thin air thoughts occur during this time.

I also wrote that sometimes we need to step outside of ourselves in order to see. Come to think of it, I think the reverse is true as well.

Is it introversion I'm talking about? No. I think being quiet is good for all creative walks of life types. We don't always do it. I think it because many of us suffer from FOMO... fear of missing out. It's an affliction that set up shop in some of our lives from all this social networking stuff. When we stop for awhile it's lets us realize we are missing ourselves and our whimsical creativeness that gets lost in our scheduled lives.

Confession: I have over two weeks a year to be in this world by myself without my kids. It's an odd time. It throws me off my schedule. In fact, I had Cheezies for supper the other night. I watched crap on TV and I took a walk at 5 am. Why? Because I could! I also organized my house. I do this during the summer time-call it a late Spring cleaning.

Confession #2, my house is so organized that if the power went out, I could find whatever you needed in the dark. Yup, I'm THAT girl!

Odd you say? Sure, why not. But maybe it's a little bit of weirdness working it's way back in because its needs to be there. So yay for weirdness-glad it's back. I'm am illustrator not a 9 to 5 girl. I didn't want just any job- I wanted something different so I made it up. Freelance is like that... sort of made up in a way because we all have different creative needs, households, lives to live and best peak times to create. Freelance isn't about working for free as some non illustrators believe. It's about being free to just do what we do best but on your time without the constraints of an actual boss over our shoulder. It also means allowing some much needed laziness to restore the balance so we can get back to what we do best.

It may sound boring but I'm certainly not bored. Enjoy your Sunday. There is a storm heading our way. Another great distraction to relax to.

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