Thursday, October 10, 2013

Time Well Wasted- Coffee & Links October 10th

© Holly DeWolf- Coffee Mug Doodles

Creative coffee talk with Brian & Holly: 
• Creative Coffee-this is a new ongoing podchat to check out from illustrator/designer Brian Bowes and myself called Creative Coffee. Here we discuss actively developing creativity and finding inspiration, to help support you in your creative endeavours. Our first tip, enjoy a nice cup of coffee. 

For you iphone users:
Best cases from Mashable:

Storytelling tips:
•Print Magazine: Storytelling

•Pixar's Rules Of Story telling:

Good advice: 
• 5 Ways to be a Happier Creative by Andy J. Miller
And for something fun and Halloweenie to get the ideas going:
• Guillermo del Toros opening for The Simpsons Halloween episode for 2013:

• The 2013 Annual AGM Pumpkin carving contest:

• Instructables Halloween:

And something silly:
• Is it Ikea or metal?