Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A month of making!

© Holly DeWolf- A month of making! 

January had a slow start for me. Besides making coffee and making my driveway visible again and again, I did manage to get some work done. The month of January I concentrated on:

- a new book. I'm currently working on the concept and the table of contents. 
- creating a podcast with designer/ illustrator Brian Bowes. We are continuing with our Creative Coffee concept. I'm looking forward to chatting about illustration once again. 
- getting back in to blogging. 
- taking online classes to refresh my skills and to gain new skills. Best part: I can do them at my own pace on my own time when it's quieter. 
- messing rough with ideas for a couple of children's books. 
- some self directed work to keep fresh.  
- a total reorganization of my studio. I like to de-clutter after New Year's. It's a great way to start fresh.  
- and adopting a new exercise routine. I have now added yoga to my day. 
- and getting my new website underway. Great part: it will be assessable on all platforms- computer, phone and tablet.  

We've also gone loom crazy in the house as well. My two daughters have been loving their new hobby especially on the storm days. Speaking of storms, we are currently having another winter blast today. Looks a good excuse to stay in and make things!  

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