Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What's great about doodling for a whole month?

This past October, I decided to participate the drawing event called Inktober for the first time. Normally, I sketch my own ideas but on a smaller and often a slower scale. The last time I participated in a group was during Illustration Friday's early days. Then life got busy, kids came along and that included many schedule changes. 

As illustrators, we want to sketch randomly and produce self-directed work every day. Between client work and self promotion we can't always fit it into our already busy lives. 

So, what's great about cutting loose and sketching for a whole month? 

• It created momentum to keep sketching more and more. I'm addicted!

• I received great feedback and many new followers mainly on my blog, twitter and Instagram

• Speaking of blogs, it's a great thing to post about each day. 

• It feels like progress because its designed to be done on a regular basis. 

• It gave me something to look foreword to. 

• It broke up my schedule but in a good way. 

• I got to sketch things I've put off for years or ideas I've always wanted to pursue. 

• I got to stretch my noggin' while working on improving my concepts. 

• It let me tackle problem areas in my drawing.

• I enjoyed planning out each drawing. 

• I found it relaxing. 

• It lightened my mood because I added humour to my ideas and the occasional play on words. 

•  I got to just enjoy getting back to basics- the freedom to just mess around with good ol' paper, pencils, pens, and erasers. Drawing with no pressure or deadlines felt great. It felt like childhood and that was the best part of all! 

Happy creating! 

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