Saturday, January 10, 2015

Making something from nothing.

© Holly DeWolf

Making something from nothing REALLY is an unrecognized skill!

I've had many conversations with folks who are not in my industry describing the hidden world that happens between creative point A and creative point B. I like these conversations because it's a reminder to think about the process. These secret concentrated steps involve long hours, lots of coffee and so much experimentation. It's the magic that makes us illustrators and it really is an uncelebrated skill. 

Think about everything a creative mind can make in a run of a day, a week, a month and year. Out of all of this effort produces a few projects that actually pay. The rest is a learning experience. All that extra stuff is set aside or used for other things. Making things daily is never a waste.

Typically, the final project gets the all the fame and recognition. We are so hardwired to focus on the end result that we forget to thrive and exist in the moment. When we do, we know we are progressing and contributing to this world however small it may feel sometimes. This commitment to making something from nothing is a do-it-yourself lifestyle that many misunderstand and sometimes envy. In the end, we follow our ideas because it's a path we really enjoy getting lost on every single day!  

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